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How to Shop for a Mattress

How to Shop for a Mattress at Sherwood Bedding

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It can be difficult knowing how to shop for a mattress and guarantee it’s the right choice. Many mattress seekers ask themselves, “where do I even start shopping for a new mattress?” Sherwood Bedding may be the perfect first stop for new buyers.

Sherwood Bedding Shows You How to Shop for a Mattress

Originally from South Africa, the Ellman family has been in the bedding industry for three generations and has launched several highly successful mattress manufacturing companies. Sherwood Bedding combines the latest innovations with their family’s lineage of delivering a great night’s sleep at affordable prices. With over 50 years of experience in mattress manufacturing, the Ellman family knows how to build exceptional bedding products that are globally competitive.

Through our website, mattress buyers are able to find a retailer near them to begin the process of finding their perfect mattress. No matter what your preference may be – innerspring, pocketed coil, latex or memory foam – Sherwood has a sleep set that will fit your lifestyle and your budget. Sherwood Bedding is a U.S.-based company that brings that family value and touch to all their clients. They offer Sherwood bedding, Evosleep, and Lumina, which are you?

Find Your Perfect Fit

Before heading in to make your purchase, buyers should do some preliminary research as to which style and type of mattress provide them with the most comfort. Sherwood’s product assortment includes value, specialty and premium products. Each line is designed to deliver superior value over national brands at virtually any price point. Visit a retailer near you today to explore the benefits of our quality bed types and brands.


mattress warranty

Have You Completed Your Mattress Warranty Yet?

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At Sherwood Bedding, we cannot stress how important it is that our customers fill out the mattress warranty form after their purchase. Buying a mattress is an investment, and it makes sense to ensure your purchase with a warranty. There are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t delay filling out this paperwork.

Is a Limited Mattress Warranty Important?

If a defect occurs as a result of a manufacturing defect during normal use, you may be able to have your mattress or foundation repaired or replaced, if it is within your warranty period. While there are damages that are not covered by the warranty — such as burned, stained or soiled fabric, and damage due to abuse such as bending, standing or jumping on the mattress — there are many defects that are covered.

What Happens if Your Mattress is Defective?

At Sherwood Bedding, your mattress and matching foundation have been engineered to provide one of the finest sleep systems available. If you happen to discover a defect in your mattress or foundation, you must contact the authorized Sherwood dealer where you purchased your sleep set. If the dealer is no longer in business or you have moved outside the service area, please contact Sherwood Bedding’s Customer Service Department.

While having a limited warranty on your mattress is important, you should still take good care of your mattress. Suggestions for caring for your mattress and other important warranty information explore our Warranties and FAQs page.

Sherwood Bedding Makes it Easy

At Sherwood Bedding, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are here to help our customers along every step of their buying journey, and keep in touch well after. To protect your investment, we encourage those who buy our products to register their mattress.


Good Night’s Sleep

A Good Night’s Sleep Recharges You and Improves Your Health

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About one-third of your day is spent in bed. Whether this is a good experience or a bad experience depends on many factors. We all need to get an adequate amount of rest in order to stay healthy and function efficiently and effectively. Research shows that lack of sleep, or disrupted sleep, can have detrimental short- and long-term effects, says Lisa Shives, MD, medical director at Northshore Sleep Medicine in Evanston, IL.

A Good Night’s Sleep Should Be a Priority in Your Life

Men’s Health gathered seven surprising ways that sleep affects your health and we thought it would only be best to share some of them!

  • It bumps up your blood pressure. Bedtime is supposed to be time to relax, but if you have disrupted sleep or sleep deprivation, that nighttime stress can be just as harmful as any tension during the day. Lack of sleep can raise blood pressure and cause hypertension in adults, according to an issue of Archives of Internal Medicine. “Research has shown stress hormones tend to be elevated in short sleepers or people who are sleep deprived,” says Dr. Shives.
  • It makes you depressed. Without a good night’s rest, you may feel grouchy in the morning, but an ongoing lack of sleep can eventually heighten your risk of depression.
    It dulls your mood and steals your memories. Commonly known as the stage of sleep in which we dream, the REM cycle of sleep has daytime effects as well. But if your sleep is frequently interrupted, your brain may spend less time in the much-needed REM state.
  • It threatens your job. Feel drowsy during your workday? Lack of sleep may be undermining your performance, but there’s a quick fix.

According to a study presented at the 2009 APSS annual meeting, a short nap may boost your mood and performance on cognitive tasks. It puts you at risk for weight gain and cancer. If you’re not spending quality time with your bed, you have a higher risk of obesity and certain cancers. Now, these findings are all preventable and curable with a good night’s rest.

Sleep Better Tonight

The right mattress can really impact your ability to have a good night’s sleep. Make sure to consult with your Sherwood Bedding representative to see what type of mattress can improve your sleep.


gel mattress

What Are the Benefits of a Gel Mattress?

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The Rx Bio Medical Gel series of bedding is engineered to deliver a pressure free, temperature neutral sleep environment with a superior level of conforming support.

Shopping for a Gel Mattress — A New Way to Sleep

Gel mattresses offer you an updated technology that can bring many benefits to you and your loved ones. Comfort is probably the most important factor in buying a mattress. With comfort comes good sleep, and with good sleep comes someone who is ready to conquer the day ahead! Gel meets the immediate need for comfort with the natural cooling ability. Gel is now being incorporated into other materials such as the memory foam technology. The gel-foam technology is the same that has been used in pillows and mattress pads in recent years. Independent experts say it represents a promising step toward making mattresses feel more comfortable.

Consumer Digest shares that by introducing gel-foam mattresses, manufacturers are trying to address one of the most persistent complaints about memory foam (otherwise known as viscoelastic-foam) mattresses — that they “sleep hot,” or retain the heat that your body gives off while you sleep, which can make you uncomfortable during the night. Three years ago, mattress-makers sought to solve this problem by using open-cell memory foam to create better air flow inside of the mattress. But manufacturers admit to Consumers Digest that they received plenty of consumer feedback that indicates that open-cell memory foam didn’t stop the “it sleeps hot” complaints. Rather than abandon open-cell memory foam, manufacturers are adding gel foam to their mattress-cushion formulations.

Explore the Benefits of a Gel Mattress for Yourself

The next best thing is here with Sherwood Bedding’s new EvoSleep Bio Medical Gel Mattress! Cutting-edge Bio Medical Gel is medically proven to reduce interface pressure to speed recovery and rejuvenation during sleep; while the 70%, soy gel layer regulates surface temperature. It also utilizes only the finest, sustainable “earth-friendly” material resources. The Rx Bio Medical Gel series of mattresses is available in firm, luxury firm, and luxury plush models. For additional questions about costs and which type of gel mattress may be best for you, make sure to contact your local Sherwood Bedding specialist.


Types of Memory Foam

Are There Different Types of Memory Foam in Mattresses?

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There are various types of memory foam that different companies use. At Sherwood Bedding, we give quality assurance. Sherwood Bedding’s manufacturing systems are some of the most advanced in the world. Our products have been rigorously tested to assure that it meets the highest global quality standards. We offer high-density memory foam, a soy-based upholstery foam, latex and foam, and most of our mattresses feature high-density foam encasement to improve stability and expand the usable sleep surface. Read More

Mattress Innovations

Latest Mattress Innovations: How They Make You Sleep Better

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A comfortable mattress is critical to achieving better sleep so that you are refreshed and ready to face the day.

Your lower back must be properly aligned and supported to prevent stiffness and pain. Your shoulders and hips need pressure relief to enhance circulation and muscle recovery. An ideal sleep environment must be kept at an optimum temperature throughout the night to avoid disrupting the circadian rhythms that are crucial to restorative rest.

Older innerspring technologies and the low-quality foams found in many brands make it nearly impossible to satisfy these diverse needs in a single design. But new technologies and mattress innovations have made these limitations a thing of the past.

Latest Mattress Innovations

A few of these innovations are:

  • Latex Foam: Designed to provide progressive support while alleviating pressure by gently pushing back against the weight of the body.
  • Memory Foam: Conforming to your body while you are lying on it, but returns to its original shape once left alone. It adjusts to your temperature and position providing customized support for your body shape. By contouring to your unique physique, memory foam relieves pressure on key parts of your body including your hips and shoulders.
  • Pocket Springs: Individually encased coils that create a more responsive mattress.
  • Adjustable Beds: To help improve sleep through elevating your legs to relieve back pressure and improve circulation.

Experience a New Way to Sleep

From organic, sustainable fibers to innovative naturally derived foams, Sherwood Bedding’s mattresses will enhance your overall comfort. Our mattresses breath new life into the conservative sleep-products industry, explore them today: