Latex Mattresses

| since 1931|

Latex Mattress

If you’ve never tried sleeping on a latex mattress, you owe it to yourself to see what you’ve been missing out on. Just as the conforming touch of memory foam feels totally different from the responsive support of springs; latex occupies a territory completely its own.

Latex Mattress Advantages


Although latex foam feels quite different than memory foam, it’s nearly just as adaptive to your body’s natural contours.


The biggest reason people considering memory foam ultimately choose latex is because it has a natural bounce to it that memory foam does not.


Unlike the heat retention properties that give traditional memory foam mattresses a bad wrap, latex foam sleeps considerably cooler.

|since 2009|

The History of Latex Mattresses

It may come as a surprise to some, but latex mattresses have actually been around about as long as innerspring mattresses. In the late 1920s, British tire manufacturer Dunlop® developed the first latex mattress, which they aptly named Dunlopillo®. Today, Sherwood Bedding is proud to hold exclusive rights to manufacturing the Dunlopillo® brand, having implemented a number of our own materials and scientific advancements to effectively bring Dunlopillo® into the 21st century.



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