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Mattress materials

Mattress Materials & Bedroom Air Quality: What You Need to Know

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In today’s age, fully climate-controlled homes rarely have their windows open. As a result, indoor air quality becomes a serious health issue that all too often goes ignored. Take the…

Can Sleep Loss Shorten Your Life Expectancy?

| Sleep Tips | No Comments

Why is the amount of sleep we should get vs. what we actually get each night two different things? Is it really that hard to make sure we get to bed…

Better Sleep

4 Surprising Tips for Better Sleep

| Sleep Tips | No Comments

As children and young adults, we never had to pay that much attention to getting a good night’s sleep. It just seemed like regardless of what unhealthy dietary habits or…

mattress care

Why Mattress Care is Crucial: 3 Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Bed

| Mattress Types | No Comments

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably recently purchased a new mattress (or are considering doing so). Not it’s time to find the best way to make it last as…

flip your mattress

Flip Your Mattress or Rotate: Determining Which Is Better

| Mattress Types | No Comments

Thirty years ago it was common practice to flip your mattress every few months to prevent indentations from forming in any particular part of the bed that consistently supported the…

sleep style

Choosing the Best Mattress for Your Sleep Style: Side, Back & Stomach

| Mattress Types | No Comments

Most sleepers prefer a particular sleep style or position, and usually start out in when you lie down to go to sleep at night. Some of us are back sleepers,…

mattress types

Pros and Cons of the 5 Leading Mattress Types on the Market

| Mattress Types | No Comments

Do You Know Which Mattress Type Suits You Best? America has always been a country based on innovation, and with that comes a wide variety of product choices. Just as…

hybrid mattresses

Hybrid Mattresses: Why are They Better than Memory Foam?

| Mattress Types | No Comments

Now that all the millennium-era excitement over memory foam has finally started to trail off, many mattress shoppers are left wondering where they go from here. While they have enjoyed…

Memory Foam Mattresses

Shopping Memory Foam Mattresses: Is Gel Foam Really Any Better?

| Mattress Types | No Comments

If you’ve sat in front of a television for at least an hour at any time during the past 15 years, chances are you’ve seen a commercial advertising memory foam…

mattress support

Quality Mattress Support to Relieve Pressure While Sleeping

| Mattress Types, Sleep Tips | No Comments

Getting a good night’s sleep on a mattress often comes down to one key factor: design of the spring. Sherwood mattresses feature an innovative open spring design that provides not…

Latex Mattresses

Shopping Natural Latex Mattresses: Is Talalay or Dunlop Better?

| Mattress Types | No Comments

If you’ve never tried sleeping on a latex mattress (and many people haven’t), you owe it to yourself to see what you’ve been missing out on. Just as the conforming…

Pocketed Coil Mattress

Tips Shopping for a Quality Pocketed Spring Mattress

| Mattress Types | No Comments

When it comes to spring mattresses, there’s a common misconception that all beds with springs inside them contain essentially the same types of springs in similar arrangements. This, however, could…

How to Shop for a Mattress

How to Shop for a Mattress at Sherwood Bedding

| Mattress Types | No Comments

It can be difficult knowing how to shop for a mattress and guarantee it’s the right choice. Many mattress seekers ask themselves, “where do I even start shopping for a…

mattress warranty

Have You Completed Your Mattress Warranty Yet?

| Mattress Types, Sleep Tips | No Comments

At Sherwood Bedding, we cannot stress how important it is that our customers fill out the mattress warranty form after their purchase. Buying a mattress is an investment, and it…

Good Night’s Sleep

A Good Night’s Sleep Recharges You and Improves Your Health

| Mattress Types | No Comments

About one-third of your day is spent in bed. Whether this is a good experience or a bad experience depends on many factors. We all need to get an adequate…

gel mattress

What Are the Benefits of a Gel Mattress?

| Mattress Types | No Comments

The Rx Bio Medical Gel series of bedding is engineered to deliver a pressure free, temperature neutral sleep environment with a superior level of conforming support. Shopping for a Gel…

Types of Memory Foam

Are There Different Types of Memory Foam in Mattresses?

| Mattress Types | No Comments

There are various types of memory foam that different companies use. At Sherwood Bedding, we give quality assurance. Sherwood Bedding’s manufacturing systems are some of the most advanced in the…

mattress safety

The Importance of Mattress Safety for You and Your Family

| Sleep Tips | No Comments

When it comes to mattresses, consumers want a healthy and toxin-free spot to rest their weary heads and bodies each night. At Sherwood Bedding, we guarantee that our quality mattresses…

mattress quality

Why Mattress Quality Should Be Important to You

| Mattress Types | No Comments

The average person will spend one-third of his or her life on or around a mattress, which is why it’s important to have a mattress that’s well made and safe.

Mattress Innovations

Latest Mattress Innovations: How They Make You Sleep Better

| Mattress Types, Sleep Tips | No Comments

A comfortable mattress is critical to achieving better sleep so that you are refreshed and ready to face the day. Your lower back must be properly aligned and supported to…

quality Innerspring Mattress

Quality Innerspring Mattress: Everything You Need to Know

| Mattress Types | No Comments

Most people are accustomed to feeling that hallmark “bounce” of springs inside a mattress. They rarely stop to think about how those springs are designed (or why they were invented in the…

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