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4 Surprising Tips for Better Sleep

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As children and young adults, we never had to pay that much attention to getting a good night’s sleep. It just seemed like regardless of what unhealthy dietary habits or sporadic bedtimes we threw into the mix, we were always able to wake up the following day feeling pretty darn good.

Fast forward twenty years, and that all starts to change. Suddenly, not getting the right amount of sleep the night before a big day at work spells major consequences, and the stress that goes along with those consequences only continues to fuel a downward spiral of sleep loss that can eventually take a toll on our long-term health. Read More

mattress support

Quality Mattress Support to Relieve Pressure While Sleeping

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Getting a good night’s sleep on a mattress often comes down to one key factor: design of the spring. Sherwood mattresses feature an innovative open spring design that provides not only comfort but up to 21% more mattress support than the more conventional type.

Why Should Mattress Support Matter to You

The core of any mattress is its support system, and most mass-market mattresses feature variants of an 80-year-old, Great Depression-era design. These spring units don’t offer the consistent, edge-to-edge support for your body.

Many sleepers move upwards to 35 times in a single night. And, if you share a bed, that’s close to 70 adjustments. On a traditional innerspring mattress, you’ll likely feel those disturbances. Sherwood mattresses feature a luxurious pocketed spring system. This allows each spring to respond independently to the shape of your body and improve conformance while virtually eliminating sleep-disturbing motion transfer. Our coil system creates a world of good for your back and spine, in and out of bed. It provides years of comfortable sleep.

All of us — from youth to senior citizens — need the support of a quality mattress to help us recuperate from daily stress. We need undisturbed, quality sleep to give our bodies an opportunity to rejuvenate on a deep, molecular level. There’s no better way to support your body and mind. A well-designed mattress like Sherwood balances great support with the pressure relief to maximize the benefits of sleep.



mattress warranty

Have You Completed Your Mattress Warranty Yet?

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At Sherwood Bedding, we cannot stress how important it is that our customers fill out the mattress warranty form after their purchase. Buying a mattress is an investment, and it makes sense to ensure your purchase with a warranty. There are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t delay filling out this paperwork.

Is a Limited Mattress Warranty Important?

If a defect occurs as a result of a manufacturing defect during normal use, you may be able to have your mattress or foundation repaired or replaced, if it is within your warranty period. While there are damages that are not covered by the warranty — such as burned, stained or soiled fabric, and damage due to abuse such as bending, standing or jumping on the mattress — there are many defects that are covered.

What Happens if Your Mattress is Defective?

At Sherwood Bedding, your mattress and matching foundation have been engineered to provide one of the finest sleep systems available. If you happen to discover a defect in your mattress or foundation, you must contact the authorized Sherwood dealer where you purchased your sleep set. If the dealer is no longer in business or you have moved outside the service area, please contact Sherwood Bedding’s Customer Service Department.

While having a limited warranty on your mattress is important, you should still take good care of your mattress. Suggestions for caring for your mattress and other important warranty information explore our Warranties and FAQs page.

Sherwood Bedding Makes it Easy

At Sherwood Bedding, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are here to help our customers along every step of their buying journey, and keep in touch well after. To protect your investment, we encourage those who buy our products to register their mattress.


Mattress Innovations

Latest Mattress Innovations: How They Make You Sleep Better

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A comfortable mattress is critical to achieving better sleep so that you are refreshed and ready to face the day.

Your lower back must be properly aligned and supported to prevent stiffness and pain. Your shoulders and hips need pressure relief to enhance circulation and muscle recovery. An ideal sleep environment must be kept at an optimum temperature throughout the night to avoid disrupting the circadian rhythms that are crucial to restorative rest.

Older innerspring technologies and the low-quality foams found in many brands make it nearly impossible to satisfy these diverse needs in a single design. But new technologies and mattress innovations have made these limitations a thing of the past.

Latest Mattress Innovations

A few of these innovations are:

  • Latex Foam: Designed to provide progressive support while alleviating pressure by gently pushing back against the weight of the body.
  • Memory Foam: Conforming to your body while you are lying on it, but returns to its original shape once left alone. It adjusts to your temperature and position providing customized support for your body shape. By contouring to your unique physique, memory foam relieves pressure on key parts of your body including your hips and shoulders.
  • Pocket Springs: Individually encased coils that create a more responsive mattress.
  • Adjustable Beds: To help improve sleep through elevating your legs to relieve back pressure and improve circulation.

Experience a New Way to Sleep

From organic, sustainable fibers to innovative naturally derived foams, Sherwood Bedding’s mattresses will enhance your overall comfort. Our mattresses breath new life into the conservative sleep-products industry, explore them today: